BIG Shop changes…and BIGGER announcement coming soon….

Well, I’ve been rather quiet on my blog lately as I’ve been busy working in the shop making changes to the layout.  Our fab men’s hire department , Pure Suit Hire, has just been growing and growing since it opened back in 2012 and finally even I had to admit defeat and accept that I somehow needed to give it more space, without losing our valuable bridal experience that our reputation is built upon.

Gemma and I spent hours looking at different options,  sketching layouts, playing around with the space we have and playing out all the alternatives in our minds. How we could we do it without losing a bridal room, and how did we do it without losing rail space for our gorgeous collection of gowns?  There we so many decisions to make and we knew we couldn’t get it wrong.  The shop still had to feel welcoming and inviting for our brides, but we also needed it to feel the same way for our gents, who sometimes understandably feel a ‘bit weird’ about walking into a bridal store!

So after weeks of planning…Gemma took a well planned holiday (coincidentally booked months beforehand) and I got stuck in…literally!

We built a wall in the window, which was a huge decision as we love how open our shop always feels and that future B2B’s can see exactly what to expect when visiting us, so it’s actually not a full wall, but it ‘floats’ in the old space where the ISYTTD sofa once was, it doesn’t fully block the window and so there is still natural light filtering through and you cna still see in from the outside.  What it’s created is a space where we have added a new cabinet to house the gowns that were one by the main reception, freeing up this area for our new additional men’s stock.  We’ve also created a new ‘Boy Meets Girl*’ room (*blatant theft of the name from our lovely friends at Abigails Collection in Colchester).  We wanted a multi purpose room where we could look after brides and fit multiple gents when we have large parties to measure, and the new room fits the bill perfectly without compromising either style of appointment.

At the point of writing we are about halfway through the project.  The main building work is all completed and now it’s all about new fixtures for the extra men’s stock we’re going to need and creating our men’s reception, and (sorry boys) more excitingly, our new bridal ‘reception’…I can say no more at the moment suffice to say we’re all MEGA excited about it and YOU are going to absolutely LOVE IT!!

Pics to follow soon….

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