White Shirt EDWC/DC

Edwardian Como Collar, Plain, Double Cuff, White Shirt

We have four types of shirts to choose from in our hire range with different fit options. This is a Edwardian collar, plain shirt, ideal for wearing with a cravat and the back of the collar stays upright. You could also wear a bow tie with this collar. Great if wearing a seven button waistcoat as most the shirt is not seen. With a double cuff finish you will need a pair of cuff-links, we hire these too if you don’t already have a set. We offer this shirt in two fits Regular Fit and Slim Fit. In the Regular Fit you can also request and extra long arm if needed.

Style Code Reg Fit: W108

Style Code Reg Fit Long Arm: W109

Style Code Slim Fit: B108


This a Wing Collar and Double Cuff shirt in White.




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